Studio Sudo


Hi. I’m Rebekah; a creative freelancer with a passion for graphic design, logo & branding, print and digital design UX, UI and web stuff.

I started my freelance journey over five years ago, and I’ve learnt and kept learning a lot every day since.
I love supporting other women in business because I’ve been there myself, and know what an uphill struggle it is! I can also appreciate looking down and seeing just how far you have come.
It’s immensely rewarding seeing the impact my design has on clients and their customers, and that’s what drives me to help female creatives, start-ups and entrepreneurs find their visual identity.

I also shoot 35mm on a steadfast Pentax K1000. I have always preferred film over digital photography.


Web Design
UX/UI Design
Visual Design
Flat Illustration
Project Design
Content Management

Layout Design
Corporate imaging
Identity Design
Photographic Set Stylist
Photo Manipulation

Affiliates & referrals

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FreeAgent is powerful accounting software, perfect for small businesses. Organise your invoices, finances and PAYE as well as so much more!

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Printing business cards, stickers, letterheads or postcards? I’ve been using Moo to print stuff for over 10 years!

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Hover is a domain registration service. If you’re thinking of buying a domain, Hover is my go-to.

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Iubenda Logo


Iubenda offers solutions to make your websites compliant with the law across multiple countries & legislations.

Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator, Cookie Solution, Terms & Conditions Generator, Internal Privacy Management & Consent Solution.

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Fontself is a font creator plugin for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. 

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