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Studio Sudo


Hi. I’m Rebekah; a creative freelancer with a passion for graphic design, logo & branding, print and digital design UX, UI and web stuff.

I support Women in Business; helping creatives, start-ups and entrepreneurs find their visual identity.

Great design has an immediate impact. As in life, first impressions count. When potential customers view your products, social media accounts or check out your website they are far more likely to engage with a presence that is aesthetically pleasing.
Creating brand recognition in a crowded market is paramount to build relationships with your customer. Using an iconic and memorable logo, engaging social media presence and an impactful, easy to use website will help you stand apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression. Invest in quality graphic design to see better results for your business.

I also shoot 35mm on a steadfast Pentax K1000. I have always preferred film over digital photography.


Web Design
UX/UI Design
Visual Design
Flat Illustration
Project Design
Content Management

Layout Design
Corporate imaging
Identity Design
Photographic Set Stylist
Photo Manipulation

Studio Sudo Ltd

020 3778 0509