Andy's Classic Engineering

BRIEF – Identity Design, Web Design


Passion, Innovation, Attention to Detail – For the love of classic cars.

Andy’s passion for classic cars drives his innovative thinking and attention to detail in everything he does.

Whether it’s restoring a car to its original condition or fabricating missing parts, Andy has a wealth of experience in specialist fabrication and the precision and determination to deliver top quality results.

Studio Sudo began by extensively researching the industry and looking at the logos and branding of other companies in the field. We then conducted a branding workshop with Andy to gain a deeper understanding of his business, his vision, and his values. Based on this research, we developed several initial concepts for the logo and branding.

After presenting these concepts to Andy, we worked with him to refine the chosen concept. The final design features a bold, clean typography conveys a classic aesthetic and sense of precision and attention to detail.

The letter “A” in “Andy’s” was stylised to resemble Andy’s own signature. This design element was chosen to add a personal touch to the branding and to emphasise the fact that Andy is the driving force behind the company. By incorporating Andy’s signature into the logo design, the branding becomes more personal and memorable.

Creating completely bespoke typography for ‘Andy’s’ logo, reinforces the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that Andy brings to his work. A signature is a personal mark of identity, and by incorporating this into the logo, the branding becomes more than just a visual representation of a business – it becomes a symbol of the passion and expertise that Andy brings to classic car restoration.

Overall, the new logo and branding for Andy’s Classic Engineering has been very well received, helping to establish the company as a leader in the classic car restoration industry. Studio Sudo was able to create a visual identity that truly reflects Andy’s passion and expertise, and that will help to drive his business forward in the years to come.